Woke Symbol of Women’s Empowerment Revealed as Housewife and Mother of Two

Image: Prime Video

EREBOR–Tolkien fans have been warning us about the sinister woke agenda in Amazon’s The Rings of Power. Promotional posters revealed months ago that series creators had the audacity to include a woman of color in the cast! Now that the show is out, we’ve seen that this symbol of women’s empowerment is a hospitable housewife and mother–truly the woke agenda at its worst!

The character in question is Disa, a dwarf portrayed by Sophia Nomvete. In episode two of The Rings of Power, we see that Disa is married to the dwarf prince Durin IV and has two small children at home, Durin V and Durina. When Elrond comes to visit and tries to make amends with his old friend Durin, Disa insists that he stay for dinner, despite her husband’s wishes.

“Disa is an extremely empowering female role model,” said Tolkien fan Libby Roll. “Sure, she doesn’t fight, leave her house, or really do anything significant to the plot yet, but she does defy her husband’s wishes and reach out to be friendly toward another man. So, um…down with the patriarchy, I guess?”

“I just think the way she’s portrayed is really great,” commented Maude E. Rate, another viewer and a confirmed woman herself. “She shows that a strong woman can be a wife and a mother too. Empowerment isn’t just about being an action hero or the color of your skin.”

“Disa is woke, and that means the show’s writing is terrible,” said longtime fan Connor S. Vative. “But I kind of thought she was gonna be an activist, not a housewife and a stay-at-home mom. Guess I’ll have to find another reason to hate her now.”

“I wish they’d find ways to make Disa even more empowering,” added Roll. “Like maybe a post-credits scene of her twerking with Galadriel. Everyone would love that!”

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power premieres on Amazon Prime every Friday. Viewers expect that, by the end of the season’s run in October, America will be entirely replaced by a woke liberal dystopia in which women of color are regarded as people too.

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