AMC Announces The Walking Dead Holiday Special

Photo: AMC

NEW YORK–The Walking Dead may officially be over after a twelve-year journey, but the franchise is still going strong with multiple spin-offs and shows. AMC announced the newest installment today: the first-ever Walking Dead Holiday Special, to air on the network this December.

The two-hour TV special will focus on our familiar band of survivors celebrating Christmas together in their post-apocalyptic community. Trouble arises on Christmas Eve when Santa’s sleigh runs into an impassable herd of walkers, and his reindeer get devoured by zombies! Now it’s up to Daryl, Maggie, Negan, and the rest of the gang to help Santa clear the horde and keep rival groups from looting the sleigh. Can they save Christmas before it’s too late?

Franchise alum Scott Wilson, who portrayed Hershel Greene in earlier seasons, will return for the role of Santa.

Photo: AMC

“The Walking Dead franchise keeps expanding, and we’ve wanted to do a holiday special for a while,” commented showrunner Angela Kang. “Actually, we first envisioned it as just a one-shot TV special, but now we’re thinking of making it a full eight-episode miniseries. The fans just can’t get enough Walking Dead, right?”

The series is also expected to feature Melissa McBride reprising her role as Carol Peletier in a short segment entitled “A Christmas Carol.”

The Walking Dead Holiday Special will premiere on Christmas day, only on AMC.


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