Trump Announces New Line of Self-Starring Comic Books


NEW YORK–The moment fans have been waiting for has finally arrived! After last week’s #MajorAnnouncement about Donald Trump trading card NFTs, available for the low price of $99, Trump today announced the next logical move in his expanding franchise. A Donald Trump comic book line will be published beginning in January 2023.

Trump’s debut issue is expected to detail his superhero origin story. It will feature a young Trump being bitten by a radioactive white supremacist and domestic terrorist, from which he gained their proportional strength and abilities but none of their strategic intelligence.

Universally beloved comics legend Rob Liefeld has been brought on to write and illustrate the series. Liefeld is best known for his true-to-life portrayals of realistic human anatomy and of completely reasonable amounts of belt pouches.

Images: Marvel Comics
Art by Rob Liefeld

“These Trump cards are gonna be a real trump card in 2024–and so will the comics,” Trump announced in a press conference. “Comics are really huge these days, and mine will be the biggest one probably ever. Trust me, it’ll be bigger than Batman, and everyone’s gonna buy ’em.”

Knowing full well how big comic book heroes have gotten, Trump has also preemptively secured the rights for a film adaptation of the comic. Trump: The Worst Avenger is expected to premiere in 2024 as part of Phase Five of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nicolas Cage will write, star, and direct.

“Let’s make comics great again!” Trump tweeted yesterday. Look for the iconic Trump #1 in January wherever comics are sold for the low price of $98!

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