Tiger King Joe Exotic Announces Bid to Play Kraven the Hunter

Photos: Public Domain (left); Marvel Comics (right)

CULVER CITY–Joe Exotic, the legendary “Tiger King” of Netflix fame, has been cast as the titular role in Sony’s upcoming Kraven the Hunter film, sources reported last week.

Authorities state that Exotic escaped from prison in Fort Worth on Wednesday and, after announcing his 2024 presidential bid (really!), immediately made his way to the set of Kraven the Hunter, where he encountered director J.C. Chandor and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who had previously been cast as Kraven. Exotic demanded to be given the role on threat from his personal army of tigers, and the studio was forced to comply.

“You didn’t see that coming?” Taylor-Johnson commented to Chandor at the surprise turn of events.

Photo: Marvel Comics

Exotic insisted that, as the real-life Tiger King, he is the best choice to play Kraven, a character traditionally associated with big game and wild animals. Experts have also noted that Exotic may be the only man alive willing to wear an authentic Kraven-style mustache in public.

“He’s also a real-life criminal who served time for attempted murder–so basically a supervillain already,” Chandor pointed out. “At first I wasn’t too happy about being coerced into recasting. But Exotic really is the perfect fit.”

Critics have questioned the unconventional casting decision, with even some Sony executives unsure about the struggling Spider-Man universe franchise and its current direction. Upon hearing about the upcoming film, Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra lamented, “I am never going to financially recover from this.”

Authorities have agreed to let Exotic remain on set on temporary parole, in hopes that it will result in a better movie. However, if Exotic violates his parole or commits any further crimes, he will be punished with a forced viewing of the Morbius film.

Kraven the Hunter hits theaters in October.

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