Sony’s Next Spider-Man Spin-Offs to Feature Man-Wolf, the Jackal, and More

Photos: Marvel Entertainment and Sony (left); Marvel Comics (center, right)

CULVER CITY, CA–Following the unparalleled cinematic and critical success of Morbius, Sony has announced several new projects in its fan-favorite Spider-Man universe. Following next year’s Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web, Sony will release a Man-Wolf movie, followed by The Jackal and a host of other projects!

“We’re really going for the ‘scary monster’ shtick with these, and we’ve already got a vampire, so a werewolf seems like the next best thing,” producer Avi Arad explained in an interview. “Besides, vampires and werewolves are teen heartthrobs these days. And I think we could all use another MCU–Monster Cinematic Universe.”

Since Man-Wolf is canonically the alter ego of astronaut John Jameson, Daniel Gillies will reprise his role as Jameson from Spider-Man 2 in 2004. The 46-year-old actor will star alongside J.K. Simmons, portraying Jameson’s father J. Jonah Jameson as he’s done in all great Spider-Man films to date. Gillies is best known for his work on The Vampire Diaries, indicating that the Monster Cinematic Universe may already extend further than we even realize.

“Then we’ll do the Jackal,” Arad continued. “Because, if you know the comics, he’s the one who clones Spider-Man, and he’ll be the perfect lead-in to the clone saga movies! So get excited!”

Arad concluded, “Ultimately, we’re just trying to give the fans what they want: movies about Spider-Man villains as antiheroes, but without Spider-Man in them.”

Following The Jackal‘s late 2023 release, Sony plans to produce even more films about everyone’s favorite Spider-Man villains: Jack-O-Lantern, Stegron, Swarm, Scarecrow (yep, Spider-Man has a Scarecrow too! Who knew?), and Will o’ the Wisp.

A Sinister Several film, starring all of the above characters, is slated for 2025.

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