Next 9 Spider-Man Films to Adapt “Clone Saga” Comics

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In a breaking announcement following their re-acquisition of the film rights to Spider-Man, Sony has announced its plans to adapt the classic Spider-Man Clone Saga comics in a 9-part movie saga.

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In keeping with the comics storyline which ran from 1994 to 1996, the upcoming films are set to introduce a number of bold new characters into the Spider-Man film canon. The films will star Tom Holland as Peter/Parker Spider-Man and feature Tom Holland as Spider-Man’s clone, Ben Reilly/the Scarlet Spider, who is basically just Peter Parker but blond. They are also expected to include Tom Holland as evil clone Kaine Parker/the other Scarlet Spider, and will introduce actor Tom Holland as other evil clone Spidercide.

“The comics are rich with history and so many intriguing stories to draw from,” said high-ranking creative sources within Sony Pictures. “Still, we wanted to make sure that we would never ever run out of material to adapt, so the Clone Saga seemed like a safe bet. There’s unending quality material there! We were just going to do 5 films at first, but we ultimately decided to split it into 9. And if the fans like it enough, I’m sure we could stretch it out even longer than that. Who knows?” At publishing time, Sony had brought in George Lucas as an expert in writing dialogue about clones, and Peter Jackson as a consultant on how to stretch out the films as far as the source material will possibly allow and more.

In the comics saga, the clones were created by C-list Spider-Man villain the Jackal, who apparently thought that getting beaten up by just one Spider-Man at a time wasn’t hard enough. However, it was eventually revealed that the Jackal and his clones were merely pawns in the machinations of the resurrected Green Goblin, whose sinister plan was to trick Peter Parker into temporarily retiring as Spider-Man and enjoying a peaceful family life. Willem Dafoe will return as Norman Osborn/the Green Goblin for the upcoming films, alongside classic Spider-Man actor Topher Grace as Miles Warren/the Jackal.

Spider-Man: The Clone Saga will be released in yearly installments between 2021 and 2029.

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Photo: Marvel Comics Group

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