With Its Acquisition of Homestar Runner, Marvel Solves Its Villain Problem

Photo: Screenshot from Homestarrunnerdotcom Youtube Channel

BURBANK, CA – Legendary internet cartoon site Homestar Runner has joined a growing list of media properties acquired by the Walt Disney empire. No official details of the deal have yet been announced, but insiders speaking upon condition of anonymity have indicated that Disney CEO Bob Iger has grown increasingly concerned over the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s so-called “Villain Problem.” The heroes of the MCU will spend the next two years dealing with towns, thatch-roofed cottages, and peasants which have been burninated. This storyline will culminate in the villainous Trogdor’s quest to find his missing arm.

The fate of other characters in the Homestar Runner canon is unclear at this time. It is likely that Strong Bad will play a morally-ambiguous, slightly villainous character reminiscent of Loki’s role in the MCU’s first three phases. Other characters are not likely to be incorporated into the MCU as Disney and Marvel are both reluctant to have anything to do with media properties that run with the Flash.

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