Disney/Sony Deal to Bring Tom Holland Back as Spider-Man’s Clone

Photos: Marvel Studios

BURBANK, CA–The internet rejoiced recently when it was announced that Disney and Sony would again partner for films featuring Tom Holland as Spider-Man, after previous announcements that their partnership had ended. However, further details now reveal that future installments will focus instead on Spider-Man’s clone.

“The deal we had for Spider-Man did in fact fall through,” explained Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. “That’s over and done with. Peter Parker as we know him is gone. But the original deal didn’t technically cover any clones or alternate versions of Spider-Man–so we figured we could just pull from those instead. If we can make a generic enough carbon copy, then it’s not like anyone’s really gonna notice the difference, right?”

Photo: Marvel Comics

The films will be largely based on the Spider-Man Clone Saga, a controversial comics storyline from the ’90s. This story introduced Ben Reilly, a clone of Peter Parker with nearly identical powers, appearance, and personality, fighting crime under the alias of the Scarlet Spider. Tom Holland will appear as Ben Reilly/the Scarlet Spider, and, true to the source material, will fight comparable B-list knock-offs of original villains, such as a resurrected Green Goblin and a female Doctor Octopus.

In keeping with the spirit of the original Clone Saga comics, Disney is expected to release numerous installments until they completely run the idea into the ground, and then keep going with it a little longer anyway just for good measure. Spider-Man: Clonecoming will release in 2021, followed by Spider-Man Episode II: Attack of the Clones, which will then lead to a 6-season CGI tie-in show, Spider Wars: The Clone Wars. Anticipated releases in this saga also include Sony’s long-awaited spin-off Night Monkey.

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