NYCC News: DC Fanboy Lands a Date, a First for DC Comics

Photo: CBS

NEW YORK, NY – Only a year after celebrating the 80th anniversary of Superman, DC Comics’ most iconic superhero, the company announced at the New York Comic Con last weekend that it had achieved a new company milestone. One of its fans actually landed a date, a first in the company’s 86 years of existence, excepting dates with fans’ mothers.

Announced at DC’s keynote event toward the end of NYCC, the fanboy in question, Hubert FitzMcHugh, was called to the front of the audience and interviewed. “We met at a meet-up for DC fans in our state,” he explained. “We were the only ones there, so we naturally started talking.”

When Marvel Comics was founded, the conventional wisdom around Marvel’s offices was that no DC fans were likely to get dates “before DC turned 100 years old.” With this announcement, it seems that DC has surpassed the expectations of its longtime rival, marking another first in its history.

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