James Marsden’s Super Power: Coming Up Short

James Marsden is perhaps one of the most versatile superhero actors in Hollywood, with appearances across three superhero franchises. His versatility is likely due to his slate of mediocrity-themed super powers. An uncanny ability to make his girlfriends fall for other, more charismatic heroes; a perennial need to be rescued by his heroic co-stars; and ringing success at getting left in the dust have long marked his superhero career.

Cyclops (2000-2014)

Photo: Fox Studios

Marsden’s powers were first put on display in the X-Men film franchise where he quickly loses his leadership position, his girlfriend, and his self-confidence as soon as he is challenged by the older, darker Wolverine. In fact, Hollywood insiders point to this as one of the fastest character nosedives in cinematic history. His crowning achievement in the trilogy involved dying at the hands of his girlfriend three minutes into X3.

Richard White (2006)

Photo: Warner Bros. Studios

The next display of Marsden’s powers came in 2006’s breakout flop, Superman Returns. When the film begins, Marsden is dating journalism superstar Lois Lane, and again goes on to quickly lose his partner to the film’s superhero. Worse yet, he proves that he actually needs a propeller-driven airplane to even fly and seems to think this is something that would impress his ace reporter girlfriend.

Thomas “Donut Lord” Wachowski (2020)

The most recent film to feature Marsden’s superpowers is 2020’s Sonic the Hedgehog. In this dramatic portrayal, Marsden stunned audiences with his ventriloquist-like ability to give donuts personalities and human characteristics shortly before consuming them. This power is so all-encompassing that audiences almost overlooked his electric display of allowing hero Sonic the Hedgehog to run circles around him all throughout the movie.

We don’t know where Marsden’s career will take him next, but we fully expect him to continue flying under the radar and below!

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