DC to Feature a Former Version of Batman in Flashpoint Movie, a Daring First for the Company

Photo: Warner Bros. Studios

BREAKING NEWS – Sources close to actor Michael Keaton have confirmed that the former Batman and Batman Returns star has been approached by DC and Warner Bros. Studios about returning to portray the Caped Crusader in an upcoming Flash film. This news has generated intense excitement among the half dozen or so fans of DC worldwide. The return of a former DC star to play that character in a new DC superhero property is certainly unprecedented.

Who knows? If DC repeats this trend, we could very well see an exciting crossover between stars of old fan favorites such as Birds of Prey (2002 TV show), Smallville, Batman: the Animated Series, Superman Returns, The Flash (1990 TV series), Batman (1966 TV series), Arrow, or Constantine, to name a few! But that’ll only happen if pigs fly or the Snyder Cut gets released!

Picture: The CW

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