Of COURSE Warner Bros. Is Releasing the Snyder Cut

Picture: Warner Brothers

BURBANK, CA – Executives at Warner Brothers Studios once swore that the rumored Snyder Cut of 2017’s runaway flop, Justice League, would only be released when pigs fly. Then late last week, Warner Brothers decided the time was ripe. While we here at Marvelous Movies are always highly critical of the Dismal Competition, we do agree that the timing is perfect for releasing the Snyder Cut. Pigs may not have taken to the air, but 2020 has been a ride so wild that no one would be surprised if pigs really did fly. Consider the following:

  • The entire world got a 2+ month surprise staycation. The corona virus hit us in 2020 and, ironically, no one saw it coming.
  • Major sporting events were canceled right as people were ramping up their television entertainment. Not that it’s all bad. Now is the perfect time to introducing your sport friends to old podracing reruns from 1999.
  • We got our alcohol home-delivered and available for take out. Also, day drinking became socially acceptable. Now, we can all channel our inner Tony Stark or play the most boring drinking game in the world!
  • We went months without a new MCU movie. Months!!! The only thing more agonizing was The Snap in Avengers: Infinity War.
  • Murder hornets. Galactus take us now, because this planet isn’t worth living on anymore!
  • Pollution literally reversed itself in many parts of the world. This could be a result of humans staying indoors, driving less, and littering less. Or, Captain Planet might be working behind the scenes to take bad guys down to zero.
  • We got reunions of Chuck, Parks & Recreation, and Community. And they had more superhero actors in them than we’ve seen on anything else getting produced lately. Also, there’s the news about a Firefly reunion.

Also, it is worth mentioning that Marvel doesn’t wait for pigs to fly before making movies. It makes pigs that can fly!

Picture: Sony Studios

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