The Punisher Invited to Speak at Closing Night of RNC

Photos: Marvel Studios (left); Creative Commons (right)

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Amid a number of notable speakers at this year’s Republican National Convention, an unexpected guest appeared on Thursday, the convention’s final night. Gun-toting vigilante the Punisher, a.k.a. Frank Castle, not only attended but also made a speech endorsing the GOP’s stances on major issues, along with several Republican candidates currently running for office.

Castle’s speech extolled the virtues of limited government, lax gun control laws, and a complete absence of personal responsibility or accountability. Notable moments of the speech included repeated decrying of the liberal Communists who want to take away “mah guns,” and the slogan “Make America Guns Again.” Castle also insisted that “guns don’t kill people–I do.”

Among other issues, the Republican party has been known in recent years for campaigning on a pro-gun and pro-law-and-order platform. Castle, a convicted murderer who has unlawfully killed dozens if not hundreds of alleged criminals, reminded his audience that “if you don’t break the law, then you have nothing to fear from me.” His remarks were met with thunderous applause from the crowd.

As an additional bonus to Castle’s surprise appearance, everyone in attendance at the convention on Thursday night received a complementary AK-47 from the Punisher’s own personal supply.

Other publicly known vigilantes, including the Red Hood and Rorschach, were allegedly invited to speak at the RNC as well but were unavailable due to a conflict of crossover universes.

While the Punisher publicly endorsed incumbent President Donald Trump, early polls and political commentators say that fellow antihero Deadpool could cause an upset in the upcoming election.

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