“Wandavision” Will NOT be Stranger than Reality

Picture: Marvel Studios

BURBANK, CA — The trailer for the upcoming Disney+ show WandaVision dropped this weekend and brought with it telling insights from Marvel executives. “Making this show was impossibly hard,” Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige complained. “I mean, reality itself had already become so weird and so disjointed that it was almost impossible to come up with scenarios even more and bizarre and strange. WandaVision just can’t touch 2020.”

WandaVision was like a reality roller coaster,” series star Elizabeth Olsen commented. “We started out in a 1950s setting, with all of that era’s rampant racism and sexism. Then, we were set during the 1970s, which featured presidential corruption and an impeachment fight. Finally, we ended in the 1980s, which had us getting dragged into several wars and spending a lot of money on the army. It was a lot to handle, but it really prepared me mentally for 2020.”

Paul Bettany, WandaVision‘s male lead, commented, “The show is incredibly relevant to our times. We keep jumping from reality to reality. In a very short time period, we find that everything we thought was true is now false and we are now facing a new reality. I think fans will be very impressed by my character’s story arc. This will be Vision’s 2020 experience.”

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