Why the Mando Finale was Awesome and Who They Ripped off to Make it Happen

Picture: Lucasfilm

BURBANK, CA – The Mandalorian has captured our hearts and burned them to a cinder. The finale to Season 2 is a throwback everything that made Star Wars great–shamelessly stealing great moments and plots from other great stories. With that in mind, here’s the Marvelous Movies breakdown of the Season 2 Finale:

Iron Man 2

When the brilliant but bumbling Moff Gideon is confronted with an adversary impossible to beat and wearing high-tech armor, Moff Gideon pulled a Justin Hammer. The guy seriously built an army of high-tech, ridiculously armored, flying robot drones and unleashed them on his enemies. Predictably, they go on a rampage, destroy the ship, and are forcefully put down by the arrival of a true War Machine armed with a lightsaber. Just as predictably, Moff Gideon ends the episode under arrest. So, when it comes to ripping off genius movie directors, Jon Favreau rips off Jon Favreau.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Seriously? Just because some Imperial tart threw a dark saber at someone, Mandalorian culture expects that this person wields supreme executive power? Don’t they believe in mandates from the masses? Why this farcical martial ceremony?

Lord of the Rings

The moment where a lone X-Wing flies past the viewport, soon followed by the non-stop devastation of enemies by an unstoppable force, was exactly like the awe-inspiring arrival of the eagles at the Battle of the Cormallen. Full stop.

Not to mention, the scene where the Dark Troopers are attempting to storm the bridge to capture our erstwhile heroes is not unlike the standoff in Durin’s Tomb in the Mines of Moria.

Rogue One

There are many fans who insist “Rogue One? There is no Rogue One!” Even these salty fans, however, generally concede Vader on a rampage is a moment that made Vader terrifying again. It’s probably genetic. We got to see Luke be a Jedi Knight JUST like his father before him.

Family Feud Face-Off Questions

Image: Fremantle North America

Family Feud is one of the classic American gameshows. Each episode features a face-off where a survey question is listed and the contestants have to guess the top responses to the survey. The Mandalorian launched a real-time face-off competition all across the world. When the mysterious Jedi begins fighting the Dark Troopers, fans began to frantically shout the names of every Jedi seen or named in Star Wars Episodes I-VI, The Clone Wars, Rebels, and even the Star Wars Legends universe. (Quinlan Vos, anyone? Anyone? Just me?)

While we don’t know if this is Disney magic at work or Favreau/Filoni juju, we are certain that the upcoming Star Wars shows will hold us in their Thrawn, even if we do get a Bad Batch of episodes or the Rogue storyline here and there.

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