Netflix’s Gritty Daredevil to Appear in Spider-Man’s Goofy Teen Drama

Photos: Marvel Studios

Photos: Marvel Studios

BURBANK, CA–The moment fans have been waiting for with blind anticipation has finally arrived. With the rights to Netflix’s Daredevil recently reverting back to Marvel, Charlie Cox’s Daredevil will appear alongside Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man in the next Spider-Man film. In keeping with the tone of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home, the dark vigilante of Hell’s Kitchen will now join the lighthearted teen drama of Peter Parker’s world.

Some fans fear that mixing these two very different franchises constitutes a lack of vision on Marvel’s part. But director Jon Watts isn’t concerned. “We’ll just do an opening sequence where Peter’s classmates recap the plot of Daredevil seasons 1-3 on the morning high school news,” commented Watts. “That seems like the best way to acknowledge what’s come before, but make it seem like a joke with no real or lasting consequences.”

“We’ll basically turn every other serious moment into a joke too,” Watts continued. “Like Matt almost killing a teenager because he doesn’t know how to use advanced technology. Or getting his identity outed by reporter Ben Urich in a post-credits scene. Those are actually hilarious moments if you just play them right. And Matt will never see them coming!”

Watts also confirmed that this sequel will avoid any mention of Matt Murdock’s deceased father, a crucial part of his origin story and his motivation for fighting crime. “Who really wants to see another dead father figure? Matt’s motivation in this movie will just be that he wants to do big, cool stuff to get noticed by the Avengers.”

While fans may not yet see Marvel’s vision for this crossover, their blind devotion to the MCU will undoubtedly keep them watching. Should this crossover be successful, Marvel then plans to launch a series of kid-friendly reboots of The Punisher and the other Marvel Netflix shows.

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