Snyder Cut Teases “Negan v. Maggie: Dawn of Vengeance”

Image: DC Comics

BURBANK, CA – Rumors continue to swirl around the forthcoming Snyder Cut of Justice League, the only superhero movie deemed less fantastic than any of the Fantastic 4 movies. The much-anticipated Snyder Cut is reportedly bringing back the nightmare sequences Batman experienced in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice showing a time traveling Barry Allen and setting up the events of Flashpoint. In this alternative reality, a young Bruce Wayne is murdered in Crime Alley. Thomas Wayne turns to alcoholism and crime fighting as Batman and Martha Wayne spirals into psychosis and violence, ultimately becoming the Joker. As Negan and Maggie Greene portrayed these respective characters, a Flashpoint storyline will give DC fans the Walking Dead crossover fans will love! This is likely to have the following impact on the DCEU:

Warner Bros.
  1. An Asian-American Bruce Wayne. Bruce will be portrayed by Steven Yeun, who will scream for his mother, then promise to come back to her as he is bludgeoned to death.
  2. A New Bat Symbol. It will be a baseball bat instead of the flying rodent. Both because the Covid association is triggering and because the Flashpoint Batman will use a baseball bat to inspire fear in criminals.
  3. Robin. He’ll be portrayed by Chandler Riggs, who will be morally conflicted by the mentorship offered by Batman. Later, he will grow up to star in NCIS: Los Angeles.
  4. The Punisher. It is a true Shane, but Jon Bernthal is one of the earliest Walking Dead villains in addition to portraying Marvel’s popular antihero.
  5. No Comedy. Despite rumors that a face off between Jeffrey Dean Morgan and the Joker would result in a Comedian-oriented film, there will be no throwbacks to the 1960s Batman television show.
Warner Bros.

There’s been no word on how these events resolve, but they’re likely to involve brilliant and eccentric characters all portrayed by Tom Cavanaugh.

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