Who Messed Up the Time Traveling in “Loki”?

Images: Marvel Studios

OPINION–Loki‘s release on Disney+ last week ended the second-worst international pandemic of the past decade. The MCU’s most mischievous scamp has a strong supporting cast, suburb writing, and loads of trickery as he sets out upon his latest adventure. However, we here at Marvelous Movies feel compelled to pedantically point out all the major time travel plot holes in the first episode:

Linear Time Streams

Noted physicist Dr. Bill E. Piper released a statement taking issue with the show’s portrayal of a clean, uncomplicated, singular timeline which is a strict progression from cause to effect. “Science has proven conclusively that time is a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff,” Dr. Piper wrote. “A ‘holy timeline’ is as scientifically feasible as a box which is bigger on the inside than it is on the inside.”

Karen Gillan is a Villain

Professor Rip Hunter also pointed out the best way to time travel is with the companionship of Karen Gillan. The Avengers got the memo all the way back in Avengers: Endgame. Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy are traveling with her through space, but space does not equal time. The failure of both Loki and the TVA in recruiting her has the whole of the internet Pond-ering what they are thinking.

Time Keepers

Military expert Jack Harkness carried his own Torch in criticizing the show. “They’re the Lords of Time. Why call themselves Time Keepers?”

Evil Doctors

Perhaps the biggest time travel pothole is the Dark character arc given to Christopher Eccleston. The formerly Light-hearted Ninth Doctor is a major For and spends his time Aether brooding or sending his minions to their death.

Likewise, the jovial David Tennant is portrayed as a Grave Killer in the MCU and completely devoid of the ability to time travel.

Overall, all the time traveling errors in Loki come back to the Time Keepers Doctoring the timeline. Here’shoping a certain god of mischief can set them straight.

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