World Struggles to Adapt to a Short-Term Future without New MCU Shows

Photo: Disney

The last two years have seen the world ravaged by disaster after disaster. Only a little over a year after the deadly COVID-19 virus shut down life as we know it, a new, devastating disaster strikes. The stream of television shows from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) have halted entirely as of last week and will remain halted until the June 11 debut of Loki.

President Joe Biden issued a press release urging Americans to remain calm. He also mentioned “the CDC recommends everyone mask up until this crisis is over. As you walk around with a mask, it will make you feel like you are the superhero and your life is like a new episode of a TV show. While you’re at it, feel free to stop any crime you see, including the smoking of menthol cigarettes.”

This is actually a pretty good idea. Considering how the brief reign of the ‘new’ Captain America closely resembled America itself, blending reality and fiction together seems to make sense.

Dr. Anthony Fauci also issued a statement of his own. “While we wait, let us all come together to demand the release of the #LucasCut of the Sequel Trilogy, search for Grand Admiral Thrawn, and–I cannot stress this enough–AVOID going back in time to prevent the COVID pandemic.

We here at Marvelous Movies also want to remind everyone that we are in a new era. Our new Captain America can fly high, and so can we.

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