Where Is Grand Admiral Thrawn?

Photo: Lucasfilm

The Mandalorian shocked us last season when Ahsoka asked, “Where is Grand Admiral Thrawn?” Fans everywhere are now wondering how Thrawn could have returned from the Unknown Regions and where he could be hiding. While we may not know for sure until the Ahsoka series comes out, we have a few good ideas of where Thrawn may be hiding.

On Pandora. Not the box found in Mitths and Legends, but the planet of the blue aliens from Avatar. Thrawn looks like he would fit right in!

Photo: 20th Century Fox

Flying with the Blue Angels. After all, he’s an admiral, with lots of flying experience! It’s the perfect cover!

Photo: Public domain

In the Smurf village. Our intel says he may be hiding out under the alias of “Strategy Smurf.”

Photo: Hanna-Barbera Productions

On tour with Blue Man Group. He may also be a known associate of one Tobias Funke and several other Blue(th) characters.

Photo: Creative Commons

Playing with ’90s europop group Eiffel 65. Looks like Thrawn didn’t die (da ba dee da ba die) in the Unknown Regions after all!

Photo: Universal Music Group

Where do you think Grand Admiral Thrawn is hiding?

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