Mark Hamill Joins Cast of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad as Trickster

Photos: DC Entertainment

LOS ANGELES — We have reports that James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad had some minor reshoots this past month, and it turns out another quirky DC Comics villain will be added to the film.

Joining the already star-stacked-cast is none other than Mark Hamill. The legendary Star Wars actor has been tapped to cameo as the Trickster in The Suicide Squad. Despite Hamill’s fan-favorite portrayal of the character in The Flash TV series, this will be an all-new incarnation, exclusive to the DC Extended Universe. Hamill’s casting is meant to counter Jared Leto’s super-serious take on the Joker, which focus groups have shown was seriously lacking in the jokes department. On the matter, Hamill said:

“I get to play a second version of The Trickster… I mean that’s already funny. So yeah, I’m excited. To go from saying basically nothing in the [Star Wars] sequels to playing a loon who won’t shut up… I can’t wait. They literally said, show up and be funnier than these drips… I think I can manage. Have you seen my Twitter? I’ve got jokes.”

-Mark Hamill

The Suicide Squad’s re-shoots required two weeks of filming, and we’re told Hamill may actually survive the film and have a role in the sequel!

Originally posted on FakingStarWars by William “Willybobo” Bobo.


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