Top Alternate Realities We Hope to See in Marvel’s “What If…?”

Photos: Marvel Entertainment and Creative Commons

Marvel’s What If…? is coming to DisneyPlus in August, exploring numerous different alternate realities of what the Marvel Universe could have looked like! We don’t know yet what surprises the multiverse may have in store, but we really hope the show includes some of these super scenarios!

  • What if Howard the Duck became the new Captain America?
    You know what they say about birds of a feather…
  • What if Stan Lee became the Hulk?
    Remember when Stan Lee drank some of the Hulk’s gamma blood? It’s MCU canon!
  • What if Black Widow actually was an African American woman whose husband had died?
    I don’t think female empowerment would even allow them to kill her off in that case!
  • What if Peter Quill had been born a decade later?
  • What if, instead of classic sitcoms, Wanda had grown up watching Maury?
  • What if Doctor Strange was a doctor of philosophy instead of a medical doctor?
  • What if Peter Parker watched the Star Wars prequels instead of the original trilogy?
  • What if the Red Skull accepted credit?
  • What if Tony Stark ran a billion-dollar fast food empire instead of a weapons company?
  • What if the flerken met Groot?
  • What if Loki was a girl?
    And also a kid, and an alligator, and…oh, wait a sec.
  • What if Marvel ever made a good Fantastic Four movie?
    Never mind. That possibility seems much too far-fetched for the show!

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