Loki is a Remake of Highlander

Images; Marvel Studios

BURBANK, CA – In a shocking development, writers of the wildly popular Disney+ series Loki admitted to having ripped off numerous elements of the 1986 blockbuster Highlander. The writers claimed they did this to honor the spirit of the titular god of mischief. Even so, it should have been obvious to the rest of us. Consider the following:

  • Immortals Whether its various iterations of the god of mischief, the ageless employees of the Time Variance Authority (TVA), the many iterations of Kang, or the supposedly immortal Time Keepers, Loki is, at its heart, an Eternal story of immortals fighting each other for the ultimate prize of ultimate power!
  • A shadowed killer – For the first episodes of the series, Lady Sylvie is a nameless, faceless figure killing other immortals in hit and run attacks, not unlike the Kurgan.
  • An epic mentor – Whereas James Bond was the Highlander’s mentor, Loki is mentored by Lightning McQueen, the millennial equivalent of James Bond, with both working in an agency very similar to Bond’s Secret Service.
  • There can only be one – This is essentially the motto of He Who Remains.

Marvel executives also confirmed they have scrapped plans for a Captain Scotland movie, citing concerns about shooting intense fight sequences in which one participant wears a kilt.

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