Woody Cast As Carnage

Photos: Disney/Pixar (left), Columbia Pictures and Marvel Entertainment (right)

CULVER CITY, CA–A press release from Sony Pictures and Marvel Entertainment today corrected an earlier report that had gone out in error. While it had been reported that actor Woody Harrelson of Solo: A Star Wars Story fame would portray Carnage in the upcoming Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Sony asserted today that Sheriff Woody of the Toy Story franchise will actually portray the homicidal supervillain.

“The execs at Disney really felt like this was the natural next move for the character, and the only way to make the Toy Story franchise even darker,” commented director Andy Serkis in an interview. “Woody is already a lost toy at the end of Toy Story 4, having left his precious friends to go live in the wild. So one day he stumbles across a rogue alien symbiote, starts singing ‘You’ve got a friend in me,’ and pretty soon, he’s bonding with the thing.”

Fans are eager to see Woody utter such classic lines as “Reach for the sky!” and “There’s a snake in my boots!” while battling series protagonist Venom and slaughtering innocents wholesale with his symbiote strength.

While this news may seem an odd choice to some, discerning fans will understand that it was inevitable. Marvel had already employed Tom Hardy (Venom), along with Tom Holland and Tom Hiddleston in other properties. Now with the acquisition of Tom Hanks, their collection of Tom H. actors is complete. Fans hope to see Tom Holland onscreen with Toms Hanks and Hardy in a future film–and with Tom Holland now traveling the multiverse, anything is possible!

Venom 2/Toy Story 5: Let There Be Carnage hits theaters on October 1.

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