With Newest Movie Release, Marvel Studios Finally Reveals Meaning Behind the Title of “The Eternals”

Photo: Marvel Studios

BURBANK, CA – Ever since Marvel Studios announced it was producing The Eternals, speculation behind the hidden meaning of the film’s title has run rampant. After sitting through the 2-hours-and-37-minutes-long movie, fans have staggered out of theaters fully enlightened.

“I thought deep and hard about what ‘eternity’ even means and whether characters created by a man could be considered eternal,” internet personality Thomas Q. Inas wrote in his comprehensive review of the movie. “After watching The Eternals, I finally understand just how long eternity is.”

Other reviewers noted the comparisons to 1917 as both films unfold in real-time, giving the viewers a minute-by-minute portrayal of events as they occurred. Not everyone was impressed by the effect, but all agree it was very avant-garde for an MCU film.

Regardless, all the reviews agree The Eternals ended in Styles and packed quite the Bite.

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