Rian Johnson Applauds New He-Man: “Kevin Outdid Me!”

PORTO HELI, GREECE—Acclaimed filmmaker Rian Johnson has declared Kevin Smith the new “King of Subversive Storytelling” after bingeing the first season of Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Johnson was particularly impressed with the lengths to which Smith went to mislead fans in the lead-up to the controversial new He-Man cartoon.

“He literally said he wasn’t a fan of the original cartoons, and Netflix hired him anyway! Then he tells everyone the reboot wasn’t going to be all about Teela, and if you’ve seen the show…you already know…chef’s kiss, Kevin! Masterful subversion of manbaby expectations!”

Johnson via Instagram DM

Johnson was so impressed with the first episode that he watched the entire season in one sitting, which delayed the first day of shooting on Knives 2 Out 2. Beyond the plot of the show, the director also applauded the subversive casting of the voice actors.

“Hamill just does his Joker voice, hahaha. And the fact that he’s an incel now…I love that! What good is a cartoon without some social commentary? Oh, and how can I forget? Teela being voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar is a stroke of genius. She doesn’t sound anything close to what Teela looks like!”

Johnson via Instagram DM
Gellar is blonde and Teela is a redhead. They clearly look nothing alike.

Despite Johnson’s glowing review, reactions from fans at large have been mixed. Several critics have criticized Smith as being a liar and a cheat and someone not worthy of wearing oversized Jnco jeans anymore. The Clerks director has defended Revelation, saying his most vocal critics need to “grow the f*#$ up.” That’s what won him the King of Subversion crown, according to Johnson.

“Listen, anyone can bait and switch. But to do so on a cartoon and then blame critics for being babies because it’s for kids? Hahaha. Genius! Kids weren’t even alive for the original He-Man cartoon. Revelation was obviously marketed at 40-year-old toxic white men…and then when they show up…WHAM-O! Kevin stabs them in the back, and when they cry, he twists the knife! He really outdid my Star Wars. I’m man enough to admit it.”

Johnson via Instagram DM

Before heading back to set, Johnson let slip that he reached out to Smith and floated a potential collaboration. “I’d really love to write an episode for a future season. Revelation is the best thing on Netflix right now!”

Originally posted on Faking Star Wars by William “Willybobo” Bobo.

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