Fanboys Hate Diverse, Female-Led Series before It Even Airs

Photo: Marvel Studios

In a completely unprecedented and frankly shocking move, Marvel fans all over the internet have decided to hate an upcoming new show after seeing a trailer with nearly two full minutes of footage. The object of the fanboys’ ire? Ms. Marvel, which will air on DisneyPlus in June.

Captain Marvel sucked, so why would they base a whole other character on her?” asked William Batson, 12, of Fawcett City. “But hey–at least this one can smile, right?”

“I thought superheroes were supposed to be grown-up white guys who I can relate to,” said Walter Lawson, 55, of New York. “When are we gonna get more shows about them, huh?”

“Why is Disney making so much stuff for teenage girls?” asked Rick Jones, 60, of Scarsdale. “First Turning Red, and now this! Are they trying to be inclusive and family-friendly?”

“I can’t believe they changed Ms. Marvel’s powers from the comics!” commented Gene S. Vell, 29, of Kingston. “Taking away her embiggening powers is too much of a stretch.”

“And what’s with setting an entire show in New Jersey?” asked Noah Varr, 22, of Glasgow. “That’s how we know it’s gonna blow.” While Marvelous Movies does not support racist, sexist, or ageist comments against fictional heroines, we do fully endorse this criticism of the entire state of New Jersey.

Regardless of everyone’s personal views on Ms. Marvel, we encourage all viewers to act with civility when voicing their opinions and to remember that TV actors are not synonymous with their characters.

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