Deadshot Defends Fish Mooney at Oscars Ceremony

Image: Warner Bros.

HOLLYWOOD, USA – Oscars Night turned into a Dark Knight as the world watched antihero Floyd Lawton, a.k.a. Deadshot, slap another man on live television to defend the honor of Fish Mooney.

Warner Bros.

The identity of the individual Deadshot slapped has been disputed. Some seem to believe he was supervillain dictator Adam Teth, a.k.a “Black Adam,” a.k.a “The Rock” while others maintain he was the Joker in disguise.

“It was definitely the Joker,” audience member Jack Napier declared authoritatively. “He was being mean, but making people laugh. That’s definitely the Joker, amirite?”

Marvel Studios

Even the identity of the person Deadshot defended has been the source of some confusion, with most people thinking she was a member of the Dora Milaje. However, Marvelous Movies can confirm with absolute certainty he was actually defending Fish Mooney, a shadowy figure from Gotham’s underworld with whom Deadshot seems to be romantically entangled.

Warner Bros

Peter Parker, a photojournalist who was on the scene, wondered aloud, “Where was Batman in all this? We have a fight between members of his Rogues Gallery in public, and he doesn’t show up? I mean, I’m pretty sure Spidey would have been here to clear up the mess, but he probably thought Batman would do it.”

We are also getting word that the inmates of Arkham Asylum have awarded Deadshot the title Fresh Clown Prince of Crime.

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