Remembering Superman’s Sacrifice

This weekend, let us all remember the noble sacrifice of Superman, who died six years ago to save mankind from Doomsday.

Superman was the only son of a father from the heavens, who sent his son to earth to dwell among men. While raised with humble beginnings by human parents (Martha and Jonathan), Superman eventually grew up to fulfill his true calling. At the age of 33, he began doing public works of good, saving people from harm and performing great feats far beyond the abilities of mortal men. Some hated Superman, fearing his power and authority–but many others admired him and looked to him to rescue them from death.

On Good Friday in 2016, Superman tragically died at the hands of Doomsday. The world shook with the now infamous image (above) of his dead body being held by reporter Lois Lane, while Batman and Wonder Woman joined her in mourning under the looming cross-shaped wreckage in the background.

But later, the miraculous happened. Superman rose from the grave and returned to life, fully alive and well! This weekend, we remember his death and rejoice in his return to life.

Let us also remember the masterful storytelling of director Zack Snyder along with writers Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer. It’s truly amazing that they were able to craft such an original story as this one all on their own! One must wonder what moved them to tell such a tale of heroic, sacrificial death followed by resurrection and redemption. It almost seems as if they were inspired by an even greater, bigger, and more powerful story of such things–yes, one even greater than the resurrection seen in the Justice League movie.

This weekend, let us remember and celebrate the only true hero who died to save us and then rose again that we may live.

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