New Star Wars Novel to Detail Han and Leia’s Wedding Night

Photo: Chris Trevas, official Star Wars artist

ENDOR–In the ever-expanding universe of Star Wars canon, a new novel will be released this August, covering the story we’ve all been waiting to see! The Princess and the Scoundrel will detail Han Solo’s wedding to Princess Leia, including their honeymoon and, of course, their glorious wedding night!

We’re looking forward to this new, full-length novel providing 400 pages of intimate and shocking details about Han and Leia’s love life behind closed doors! Here are a few things we can almost certainly expect to see:

  • Han will ask Leia if she still has her outfit from Jabba’s palace.
  • Han will finally be able to touch Leia’s buns.
Photo: Lucasfilm
  • Leia will discover that she would not, in fact, rather kiss a Wookiee.
  • Instead of using protection, Han will boldly declare, “Never tell me the odds!” Thirty years later, he loses that bet hard.
  • We’ll finally find out who shoots first.

The Princess and the Scoundrel releases in August. It will be closely followed by a sequel novel detailing Lando Calrissian’s intimate relationship with his droid, L3-37.

Photo: Lucasfilm

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