White People on the Internet Outraged Over Racial Casting in “Black Adam”

Image: Warner Bros.

KAHNDAQ – With the looming release of Black Adam in theaters on October 21, Hawk-eyed white people have taken to the internet to express their strong opinions about appropriate racial norms and DC’s casting decisions.

“‘Black’ Adam is a moral outrage! It’s wokeism at its worst!” declared commentator Christian Wright. “I mean from a historical accuracy standpoint, not racism. The comics say Adam is thousands of years old and from Egypt. Obviously, he was born in Bible times! The pictures in the Bible are very clear. People named Adam in Bible times and people from Egypt are all white. Saying he’s black is just bad history!”

Redditor NotMyAriel was equally outraged. “This is a mess. A total mess! Black Adam is Kahndaqian. I haven’t researched to see if this is true, but I’m pretty sure Kahndaq is in the Middle East. He’s being described as ‘black’ and portrayed by an actor of Samoan descent. What was DC thinking? People are going to be so confused by the ethnic mish-mashing, it’ll take them right out of the movie. They won’t be able to be Part of That World.

Lead actor Dwayne Johnson was Rocked to his core by barbs about his inability to portray Egyptian characters. “I feel like criticisms that I can’t be Egyptian have been resurrected from the dead, after I laid the issue to rest early in my career. I think Oscar Isaac is behind this! Honestly, it feels like Scorpion stings at this point. This is making me real Furious real Fast!”

The stakes are high for Johnson and DC, but we here at Marvelous Movies feel Black Adam is Fated for success. If his past movie portrayals are any indication, Johnson’s performance is likely to win him immortality, and he’ll go down as the second Rock of Eternity associated with this character.

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