Hispanic Merman Sparks Internet Outrage

Photos: Marvel Comics (left); Marvel Studios (right)

THE INTERNET–Moviegoers nationwide are once again outraged about the skin color of a fictional sea being. Since everyone knows undersea mermen can’t be Mexican, Tenoch Huerta’s casting as Namor the Sub-Mariner in the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has drawn the outrage of fans.

“Atlanteans are canonically blue,” commented Everett Williams of Cambridge, Massachusetts. “Except for Namor, of course, who’s always been drawn as looking Caucasian. I just don’t see any reason why a member of a fictional, water-breathing race from a mythical kingdom wouldn’t be white!”

“They made him not just brown-skinned and Atlantean, but a mutant too–yet another minority race,” stated Cameron Kelly of Chattanooga, Tennessee. “How dare they push this woke garbage on us in a movie franchise specifically about African empowerment?” Mr. Kelly has come to be known colloquially as Cameron “Has-Never-Read-the-Comics” Kelly.

“Forget the race issue. I always thought Namor’s costume was pretty much just a Speedo,” added Karen Mackinnon of San Francisco, California. “You can’t just go changing a classic character like that. But, more importantly, if Aquaman is the DC version of Namor, then why doesn’t Jason Momoa wear just a Speedo?”

Fans continue to decry the heinous trend of changing the race of traditionally white but non-human characters in new adaptations. “First they changed Ariel’s skin color, and now Namor’s!” laments Ron Musker of Sioux City, Iowa. “Something fishy is definitely going on here.”

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