After Fighting for Minorities since the ’60s, Marvel Suddenly Goes Woke

Photos: Marvel Entertainment

NEW YORK–It’s official: with the advent of the “M-She-U,” Marvel Comics and Studios have gone completely woke. After Marvel’s decades-long history of promoting minority characters and non-traditional superheroes, fans are shocked and appalled at the company’s dramatic shift.

“I just can’t believe they’d replace all my favorite superheroes with characters who aren’t white males,” said longtime Marvel fan Charles Summers. “I mean, it’s certainly not like the X-Men have functioned as a thinly veiled metaphor for racial discrimination and other marginalized groups since their inception in the ’60s.”

“Having a female version replace a previous hero is a completely new phenomenon in the superhero world,” agreed Lawson Walters. “Do you think Stan Lee and Marvel’s other Founding Fathers would have ever created characters like Captain Marvel or She-Hulk back in the ’70s and ’80s?”

“And nobody even talks about how woke the Black Panther movie was,” said Erik White. “But where was the Black Panther character when all of Marvel’s other greats were premiering back in the ’60s, huh?”

At publishing time, a report had been uncovered indicating that legendary comics creator Jack Kirby fought against actual Nazis and fascists in World War II–and co-created Captain America to represent the same heroic ideals. By and large, fans have dismissed these claims as fake news concocted by the liberal media to push a woke agenda.

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