Harrison Ford Cast in Marvel’s “Turning Red”

Images: Creative Commons (left); Disney/Pixar and Marvel Comics (right)

BURBANK, CA–Legendary actor Harrison Ford has been cast in Marvel’s adaptation of the hit Disney/Pixar film Turning Red.

In this comedic and fantastical coming-of-age tale, Ford will star as Thunderbolt Ross, an army general who finds himself turning into the Red Hulk due to a familial curse. “We wanted it to be something that the younger audience could relate to–a metaphor for the kind of transformations we’ve all been through in life,” said Marvel Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige. “And turning Ross into the Red Hulk really seemed like the way to go.”

“Of course, this movie is about transformation on a number of different levels,” Feige continued. “Because it’s also about Ross transforming from William Hurt into Harrison Ford.” Hurt, who portrayed General Ross in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from 2008 to 2019, was previously approached about starring in Turning Red. However, shortly after the film’s release earlier this year 2022, William Hurt tragically became William Dead.

“Recasting a beloved actor so soon was definitely the right choice here,” Feige confirmed. “And on that note, yes, we are still working on who will be the next Black Panther. Guess we’d better decide soon, because that movie’s almost out!”

Ford is no stranger to Disney adaptations, having previously starred in Disney and Lucasfilm’s adaptation of Frozen.

Images: Lucasfilm and Disney/Pixar

“He’s been Jones-ing for a Solo film for a while,” Feige said.

Marvel’s Turning Red will release in 2024.

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