‘She-Hulk’ Writers Revealed As Skrulls

Images: Marvel Studios

BURBANK, CA–In a shocking turn of events, writers of the Marvel television show She-Hulk: Attorney at Law have been revealed Skrulls, members of a shape-shifting alien race. The show’s lead writer, previously believed to be television producer Jessica Gao, is now known to have actually been the Skrull warlord Kl’rt. The whereabouts of the real Gao are still unknown.

“Yes, foolish humans,” Kl’rt commented in an exclusive interview with Marvelous Movies. “We have infiltrated your entertainment industry for our own purposes that you couldn’t possibly begin to fathom. With She-Hulk, we created a show so advanced and comedically brilliant that your pitiful human minds have been unable to properly appreciate it!”

“We’re responsible for the lack of believable courtroom drama–as if we’d care about the inner workings of your primitive human legal system,” Kl’rt continued. “We also claim full responsibility for the criminal cinematic under-utilization of your hero, the Hulk. Soon, we’ll have a member of our own race replace him as our own representative on Earth–the Hulkling!”

While it remains unclear how deep the Skrull infiltration of the entertainment industry may truly go, experts believe the Skrulls are also responsible for the Rings of Power television series, and for James Gunn’s recent firing of Henry Cavill.

The Skrulls’ quiet takeover has some disturbing implications for society as a whole. Depending on how many of them are hiding among us on Earth, we could be seeing the beginning of a coming Secret Invasion. But we’re sure that Earth’s assembled heroes will meet this threat with lots of sound and Fury.

More on this story as it continues to shift.

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