The Mandalorian to Become Typical Suburban Dad in Season 3

Photos: Lucasfilm, Walmart, and Amazon

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–The Mandalorian has faced many challenges–scavengers, rival bounty hunters, and evil Imperials–but fatherhood may be his biggest challenge yet! “Season 3 will see Mando really embracing his role as a father figure to Grogu,” creator Jon Favreau revealed in a press conference. Here are some major changes that we can expect to see.

  • Rather than scavenging for food in the wild, Mando frequently grills burgers and hot dogs on his front lawn.
  • While on their search for his home world, Grogu often asks, “There yet, are we?” Mando retorts, “Don’t make me turn this ship around!”
  • Mando begins muttering about “kids these days” and recounts stories of how hard his own childhood was. “We had to run away from super battle droids–fifteen miles, uphill both ways! And we liked it!”
  • Grogu adjusts the thermostat on Mando’s ship and leaves all the lights on in various rooms. Mando immediately goes into a fit of rage and begins shouting that he’s not made of money.
  • Afterward, though, Mando will insist that he’s not mad–just disappointed.
  • Mando will begin making dad jokes to Grogu, such as “you’re looking a little green,” and “maybe you just need some space.”
  • While enduring harsh conditions and constant turmoil, Mando will remind Grogu that running from Imperials “builds character.”

“I guess Moff Gideon thought he could get the better of me and my little traveling buddy,” lead actor Pedro Pascal teased in an interview. “But he hasn’t seen The Last of Us!”

Season 3 of The Mandalorian will stream on DisneyPlus beginning in March. In the distance, Mando can be heard shouting, “That subscription costs how much per month?!?”

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