Baby Grogu Floating Pram™ Available from Disney

Images: Disney,

Tired of pushing your kids in strollers? Fed up with carrying them on your back?

You need the Baby Grogu Floating Pram™–as seen on The Mandalorian and now available from Disney!

Utilizing toddler-friendly controls and the latest in repulsorlift technology, the Baby Grogu Floating Pram™ allows your small child to move around independently while never leaving the comfort of their cozy carriage. And since all infants and toddlers can definitely be trusted to fly through the air on their own without adult supervision, the Baby Grogu Floating Pram™ is 100% safe and completely risk-free!

Hear what satisfied customers are saying:

“The floating pram has been great for my little one!” said Amanda Laurie Ann, 25, of California. “If we’re out for a walk, going to the park, or if I just need a nap for an afternoon, then I can just put her in the pram and let her go!”

“Why didn’t they have this two years ago?!?” asked Rachel Harris, 37, of Texas, a wonderful and sexy wife and mother whose child is two and a half. “It would have made a huge difference!”

“Goo gah uh buh buh goo goo gah,” said Rory Hutchinson, 0, of Iowa–a firsthand Floating Pram™ user!

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” said Hans Olo, 32, of Corellia.

The Baby Grogu Floating Pram™ can be yours for just 12 easy monthly payments of $99.99 each! Send payments directly to

Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity for young parents. Order yours today!

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