Dozens of Monkeys Typing on Dozens of Typewriters Revealed as the Sources of the DC Universe

Photo: DC Comics

USA – It’s an age-old question: if an infinite number of monkeys typed on an infinite number of typewriters, could they produce the works of William Shakespeare?

The answer? Probably not. However, a decades-long experiment to see what a few dozen monkeys could produce in a century’s time has yielded what the reading public has come to know as the DC Universe.

“The results tended to be infantile and low-brow,” the lead researcher, Dr. Siegel, stated in a recent TED Talk. “We discovered that if you paired these stories with crudely-drawn illustrations, they sold moderately well and provided the funding that allowed us to continue with our experimentation.”

In a question-and-answer session, someone asked Dr. Siegel how the researchers controlled the simian habit of throwing fecal matter at each other. “Oh yes,” he said unenthusiastically. “That’s how Superman got his mullet.”

Photo: DC Comics

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