The Mandalorian Conclusively Named Best Space Western of All Time

Photo: Lucasfilm

BURBANK, CA–In accordance with the opinions of several distinguished experts, Disney’s The Mandalorian has recently been named the greatest space western of all time by the Space Westerns of America Guild (S.W.A.G.). Researchers believe that the wildly successful show has set itself far above other notable space westerns such as Cowboys and Aliens and Toy Story. While this choice has come under Fire from some fans who don’t think the decision will Fly, we hope that disgruntled fans will nonetheless be able to find peace and Serenity on the issue.

The Mandalorian received this prestigious title largely due to the following factors:

  • It has been renewed for a second season.
  • It devotes more screentime to Baby Yoda than any other space western has to date.
  • All of its episodes were released in order on DisneyPlus.
  • It’s awesome.
  • It didn’t need gratuitous, immature humor to be awesome.
  • The Mandalorians’ armor is Shiny.

While some Mal-contents may try to downplay The Mandalorian‘s greatness compared to other shows and claim that it’s all a Wash, the clear facts don’t lie, and This is the Way that things are.

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