Man Tries to Trick Wife into Watching “The DisneyPlus Show with the Cute Baby”

Photo: Lucasfilm

ANNAPOLIS, MD–During a routine evening of trying to decide what to watch next on streaming services, local man Daniel Peterson, 29, tried to convince his wife to watch “the DisneyPlus show with the cute baby,” sources confirmed.

“I’m telling you, you’ll love it,” Peterson told his wife, Emily. “The baby is really a major part of the show. And he’s adorable!”

Peterson was then pressed for further details and asked by his wife whether or not the show in question was a ‘guy show.’ “No, it’s not a guy show,” Peterson insisted. “There’s, like, at least three female characters! And again, did I mention the cute baby?”

When asked by his wife which show it was, Peterson declined to answer, but simply said, “Trust me on this one. It’s really a great show for the whole family.”

At publishing time, Peterson was sitting on the couch scrolling through his phone in boredom, while his wife watched Beauty and the Beast (2017) on DisneyPlus for the twelfth time.

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