“Avatar: the Last Airbender” brings us the Hero We Need for 2020

Picture: Nickelodeon

Picture: Nickelodeon

OPINION – If there is one man who perfectly captures the human experiences during 2020, it would be Cabbage Guy, the continually unlucky merchant of cabbages from Avatar: the Last Airbender. Therefore, we at Marvelous Movies are nominating him as humanity’s mascot for 2020.

Cabbage Guy’s business was destroyed over and over again, causing him immense heartbreak over the devastating loss of his easily replaceable stock of cabbages. Whether it was due to the government, imperialist Fire Nation soldiers, natural disasters, wild animals, or the well-intentioned actions of Team Avatar, Cabbage Guy lived the 2020 experience to its fullest.

Did Cabbage Guy accept his misfortunes with grace and dignity? Of course not! He whined and pitched a fit, even going so far as to roll in the dirt. However, he always got back up, acquired a new load of cabbages, and soldiered on, which provided a poignant and prophetic example for those of us who are now experiencing 2020.

Lettuce make 2020 the Year of the Cabbage.


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