John Walker is Worse than COVID, Americans Believe

Image: Marvel Studios

The world has a new Captain America, and America hates him. John Walker has movie star good looks, a winning smile, an impressive resume, and a willingness to use extreme violence against alleged criminals. He’s the complete package. He is literally everything Americans hero-worship. What’s not to love? Everything, apparently.

“He makes me want the COVID epidemic to last the rest of my life,” one anonymous fan stated. “I’d give anything for that guy to wear a medical mask. I don’t ever want to see his face again!

“The guy’s arrogance is the daddy of all self-conceit,” Redditor OldStylePen79 complained. “I mean, he has an Ego the size of a planet!”

One source known only as “Bob” stated that the new Cap makes him want to “vote for Hydra.”

In summary, while John Walker looks like the American dream, he is driving Americans to embrace the spread of COVID and Nazism. In essence, he may be the perfect representation of modern-day America.

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