CDC Recommends Keeping Distance from DC Films, Even Once Fully Vaccinated

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

NEW YORK, NY–Even after getting both doses of the vaccine, it’s still wise to keep a healthy distance from DC films, recommends the CDC (Critics of DC, a.k.a. the Critics of Dumb Comics).

“Coming into close contact with DC films may result in, or more likely from, a severe loss of taste,” comments CDC director Marv L. Phann. The CDC cautions against the consumption of DC films such as Suicide Squad, the theatrical cut of Justice League, or Wonder Woman 1984. Experts recommend staying at least six feet away from any physical copies of the films, fans of the films, or theaters where these films are being shown. In the case of films such as Catwoman or Green Lantern, a distance of at least twelve feet is strongly encouraged.

Phann advises that “persons who have come into close contact with DC films are encouraged to quarantine for two weeks and consume a healthy diet of Marvel movies until symptoms pass.”

The Critics of Dumb Comics have no official affiliation with the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia.

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