Who Could Loki’s Mystery Villain Possibly Be?

Photo: Marvel Studios

OPINION–After Loki‘s stunning season finale, fans are asking just one question: who could the mystery villain be? Referred to only as “He Who Remains,” this character was introduced on Loki’s final episode as one who cut the current timeline off from all other timelines to protect the universe from his own villainous variants. While his true identity is a Major mystery, our comic book experts have begun speculating as to who he could be.

Aang. It may seem a bit out of left field, but what if He Who Remains is actually Aang the Avatar, using his airbending powers to manipulate the winds of time?

Aang kneeling in a battle pose, holding his staff behind him.
Photo: Nickelodeon

Kaine. In the comics, Kaine was one of several clones of Spider-Man, but lacking Peter Parker’s sense of morality. And if that doesn’t sound like someone who has a bunch of evil variants, then we sure don’t know what does!

Photo: Marvel Comics

Kangaroo. And speaking of obscure, irrelevant Spider-Man villains, could this actually be the lesser-known archfiend the Kangaroo, hopping all over the timestream?

Kangaroo - Marvel Comics - Spider-Man enemy - Frank Oliver - Profile -  Writeups.org
Photo: Marvel Comics

Nicole Kang. Let’s also not rule out Nicole Kang–yes, the real-life actress who plays Kate Kane’s adoptive sister on Batwoman. After all, has anyone ever seen her and Jonathan Majors in the same place at the same time? Or even in the same timeline?

Batwoman's Nicole Kang on Heroines, Role Models and Representation | The  Mary Sue
Photo: The CW

Chang. Experts believe that He Who Remains was demonstrating signs of textbook Changnesia.

Geek Girl Soup: Character Reference - Senor Ben Chang
Photo: NBC

Kull the Conqueror. He Who Remains did refer to himself as a conqueror, after all. Surely, if he was going to be a 4-letter “K” name from Marvel comics followed by a title of “the Conqueror,” then this one would have to be it!

Photo: Marvel Comics

Iron Lad. The Young Avengers team included Iron Lad, a time-traveling hero from the future. Is it possible that He Who Remains could even be a future or variant version of this young hero? Only time will tell!

Photo: Marvel Comics

Who do you think this mysterious villain truly is?

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