The Iron Steve

Image: Marvel Studios

In the wake of the heartbreaking separation endured by Steve Rogers and Captain Peggy Carter at the end of the first episode of What If…?, Marvel Studios has released a brief timeline of Steve’s heroic life following Captain Carter’s disappearance into the wormhole. 

Unlikely Friends, Unlikely Small Town

Warner Brothers

After the events of What If…?, this Steve gets sent on a highly classified mission, where he sustains an injury that leaves him an amnesiac and sounding an awful lot like a tinny version of Groot. While there, he befriends a young boy named Hogarth who helps him re-learn how to be a superhero. Ironically, Hogarth uses Superman as a model, despite the fact he is the uninteresting ripoff of Rogers’s Captain America.

Warner Brothers


Steve’s presence in the small town does not go unnoticed. Soon, a special agent is sent after Steve. While it would seem on the surface the agent is a well-meaning operative of SSR/SHIELD, his subsequent actions make it more likely he was a HYDRA double agent.  

Harry Connick, Jr.

Warner Brothers

While on the run, Steve briefly befriends and is hidden by musician Harry Connick, Jr. at the latter’s scrap metal business. For whatever reason, Connick, Jr. ends up with Hogarth’s mom, played by, Jennifer Aniston’s character before all is said and done. Women really are attracted to musicians, it seems.


Warner Brothers

The Army invades, then launches a nuclear missile at Steve, despite Steve standing right next to them. It’s a notably dumb move, perhaps the only move dumber than supplying a mortal enemy with billions of dollars’ worth of military hardware and equipment.

A Superheroic Death?

In the end, Steve pulls a true Iron Man. He takes on the warhead, which blows up. His “indestructible” armor is put to the test, and he is left shattered by the experience. However, a rather heavy hint suggests Steve may be able to pull himself back together in the near future after being on ice.

Warner Brothers

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