Does the Watcher Watch DC?

Image: Disney+ and Marvel Studios

Dear Marvelous Movies,

I have been watching What If…? on Disney+ lately and really like it! I have a question, though. The Watcher is an extra-dimensional being who is able to view the events in other dimensions, but is not allowed to interfere. I think they might also say he is all-powerful. So, if he is all-powerful, can he watch any of the DC universes?

Thanks in advance!

Cal L., Kansas

Dear Cal,

Thanks for writing! That’s actually an interesting question! However, the real issue is why would he want to? Other than maybe answering that age-old question: who watches the Watchmen?

If we were to assume – merely for argument’s sake and for argument’s sake only – DC Comics actually produced Fantastic content, the Watcher would definitely be able to see the events of the DC Multiverse.

However, the Watcher has told us repeatedly that a single choice can branch out into infinite realities. Maybe if he makes the choice the rest of us should make, we can create an infinite number or realities where the DCEU never exists.

So, what do you think, Cal? What do you want the Watcher to comment upon in DC Comics?

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