Kingpin Calls for Repeal of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Marvel Studios

NEW YORK, NY – Wilson Fisk, better known as the crime lord Kingpin, has called for a repeal of the Americans with Disabilities Act, citing what he alleges are the extreme dangers posed by people with disabilities.

“I Dare you to pick a fight with someone with visual impairments,” Kingpin said in a press conference earlier. “That mistake will Devil you for the rest of your life. People who can’t see possess extremely unfair advantages over the rest of us. We have to rely on our eyes and ears, but they are endowed with bat-like echolocation.

New York’s Tracksuit Mafia Echoed the Kingpin’s concerns. “Anyone with hearing impairments should be required to publicly register, or something. They are easily able to take on five or more opponents each with martial arts and insane archery skills!”

Kingpin’s campaign has not made much progress in the United States. Fortunately, the American people, and New Yorkers in particular, are unlikely to vote in extremist leaders who would embrace this type of discriminatory legislation.

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