Don’t Be an Obi-Wan This Valentine’s Day

Photo: LucasFilm

OPINION – Obi-Wan Kenobi is a beloved hero in a beloved franchise. And while he has many great characteristics, it’s time for us to acknowledge his deep character flaws surrounding his relationships..

Lying about Past Relationships


In the first half of A New Hope, we discover that Obi-Wan has been living as a hermit after his previous Padawan relationship ended. As understandable as that might be, he lies to Luke about his former Padawan. And while some might argue that Obi-wan’s claims might be true “from a certain point of view,” it’s also a lie from every other point of view and relationships built on lies are toxic and tend to haunt everyone involved.

Acting Like a Savage During a Break-Up


Obi-Wan’s reaction to the end of his previous relationship is beyond problematic. Instead of talking through their relationship issues like responsible, healthy adults, Obi-Wan instead attacked his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker. At the end of their fight, Obi-Wan disarmed every one of Anakin’s arguments, landed some sick burns, and generally left Anakin without a leg to stand on. Obi-Wan might have had the moral high ground at first, but his brutality really takes the breath away. Obi-wan’s only other serious on-screen relationship with Satine Kyze ended with her death at the hands of Darth Maul. That might have been preferable to breaking up with him.

He’s Not Over His Past Relationship


The first time Obi-Wan finds out that Anakin is close by, he wastes no time in making an excuse to slip away from Luke and skulk around his former Padawan’s place of employment trying to force a ‘natural’ meeting with his ex. Nothing about this is legal or healthy.

As Soon as He Gets Back with His Ex, He Ghosts Luke

Photo: LucasFilm

Of course, the moment Obi-Wan reunites with his ex, Anakin, they have a brutal fight. However, it’s obvious that they have both been waiting for this day for a long time. Anakin, of course, takes Obi-Wan’s head off, and Obi-Wan lets him. Obi-Wan then ghosts on Luke, leaving the latter haunted and devastated. So much so, that we can’t help but conclude that it’s better to go Solo than to get into a relationship where someone ghosts.

A Better Role Model

Photo: LucasFilm

This Valentine’s Day, if you are going to emulate anyone from the Star Wars franchise, emulate Jedi Master Mace Windu. Why? Well, studies show that 10/10 men wish they were Samuel L. Jackson. This same studies show that everyone in relationships with these men also wish they were Samuel L. Jackson.

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