In Another Clear Rip-Off of Marvel, DC Announces ‘Ms. DC’

Photos: Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. Entertainment

BURBANK, CA–In light of the overwhelmingly positive fan response to Ms. Marvel, now streaming on DisneyPlus, DC has announced yet another clear and shameless rip-off of their rival company. Ms. DC, an original series from DC and Warner Bros., is currently being developed for HBO Max.

The series follows Kamala Noonien Singh, an ordinary, half-Indian, half-Hispanic, half-Native American, disabled teenage lesbian transgender girl living in downtown Metropolis. She suddenly acquires superpowers in a way that has conveniently nothing to do with the Inhumans and becomes DC’s next big star!

“It might be a stretch, but we decided to change her powers from the comics,” explained producer Greg Berlanti. “She’ll get electrical powers, so she’ll call herself ‘Ms. DC,’ for ‘direct current.’ That way, the lightning bolt on her costume will make more sense, and no one can accuse us of copying!”

“Plus, Marvel already took Green Lantern’s powers for Ms. Marvel, so turnabout is fair play, right?”

“We’ll make it just like Stargirl,” commented writer Geoff Johns, “except this time we’re getting Owen Wilson’s other brother to play the cool stepdad.”

Ms. DC, an HBO Max original series, is expected to premiere in late 2022. We predict it’ll be another marvelous success!

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