Matt Murdock Has Never Seen a Marvel Movie

Photo: Marvel Studios

HELL’S KITCHEN–Despite having been involved with multiple Marvel projects, prominent New York attorney Matt Murdock admitted in an interview that he has never seen a Marvel movie.

“No, I’ve never seen one,” Murdock told Marvelous Movies reporters. “I heard Ben Affleck was in a Marvel movie a while back, and it Garnered terrible reviews! So I guess that kind of turned me off.”

“Besides, I work long hours as a lawyer,” Murdock continued. “I don’t really have time for movies these days.” Nonetheless, when asked how he tends to spend his evenings out of the courtroom, Murdock declined to answer. We also asked his friends what he gets up to at nights, and they didn’t have the Foggiest idea! Is Murdock hiding some kind of double life from us?

“And, to be honest, movies just really aren’t my thing,” the attorney commented. “I’m actually into audiobooks, and I did listen to Marvel’s Wolverine podcast drama. Why can’t they do more great stories in audio?”

Murdock stated that he did not intend to watch the upcoming series Daredevil: Born Again either, proving he’s blind to the greatness that is Marvel!

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